Development of Industry Strategic Plans for the Edible Oils, Peanut Butter and Honey Value Chains

Hydrangea, a strategic was engaged to develop industry strategic plans (ISPs) aimed at increasing private sector investment in the edible oils, peanut butter and edible oils value chains and promoting the participation of women and youth. The project focused on the Eastern, Southern, Northwestern, Copperbelt, and Central provinces of Zambia.

To effectively develop the ISPs, Hydrangea conducted a series of activities to gather relevant data and insights. Firstly, a comprehensive Value Chain Analysis and Market Analysis were conducted for each of the three sectors under consideration. These analyses helped identify the key players, stakeholders, and market dynamics, allowing for a deeper understanding of the sector’s current state and potential areas for growth.

Additionally, Hydrangea performed a Profitability Analysis to assess the financial viability and potential returns on investment within the sectors. This analysis helped identify the most profitable segments, products, and services, which would serve as the focal points for attracting private sector investment.

Based on the findings from the various analyses, Hydrangea proceeded to develop the ISPs for each sector. These strategic plans outlined the goals, objectives, and recommended actions to be taken to foster private sector investment and enhance the participation of women and youth. The ISPs took into account the unique characteristics and challenges faced by each province, ensuring a tailored approach that aligned with local contexts.

To ensure successful implementation of the ISPs, Hydrangea developed an Implementation Road Map. This detailed roadmap provided a step-by-step plan with clear  responsibilities, and resource requirements. The roadmap aimed to guide stakeholders and decision-makers in executing the strategic plans effectively, enabling them to monitor progress and make adjustments as necessary.