What we do

What We Do

As a team we provide premium services and sustainable solutions for improving lives and businesses. HYEL offers consultancy, technical support, research services and agricultural production. HYEL and its senior consultants have developed unique relationships and linkages with food, agricultural and environmental (mining) industry experts, top academics, and institutes and regularly collaborate with institutions to undertake complex projects. Some of these projects include livelihood and markets projects, land governance, policy development, market research, enterprise development, and value chain governance projects for non-governmental organisations, SMEs and other corporates. HYEL further looks to build of these relationships to continue undertaking projects looking to contribute to the creation of high levels of economic and societal value through innovative solutions, reducing the environmental footprint of people’s actions and ensuring strong partnerships.


HYEL offers the following Services

Digitalization, Economic and Financial Analysis

  • Economic and Financial Modeling
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Data Analysis
  • Quality Management and Audits
  • Digitalisation of process
  • Local Economic Development

Transformative Research and Development

  • Land Governance
  • Data collection, processing, analysis, and management. These include the design, development, and use of Participatory Approaches in the creation of questionnaires and interview guides for utilization in Focus Group Discussions as well as household and Key Informant Interviews. HYEL also uses statistical data collection and analysis packages including STATA, KOBO Toolbox, SPSS, and Thematic Analysis.

Agricutural Production

  • Livestock Production
  • Maize Production
  • Vegetable Production
  • Marketing and Business Development

    • Social Enterprise and Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) Development.
    • Market Research
    • Value Chain Development with expertise in Agricultural and Minerals Value Chains
    • Gender mainstreaming and integration in development
    • Rural development with an emphasis on capacity building of Clusters of actors in Agricultural Value Chains, including cooperatives and Producer Groups
    • Curriculum Development with a focus on adult learning and the use of Human Centered Design (HCD) tools as well as approaches
    • Capacity building and training
    • Local Content Procurement Development.