Development of an Enhanced Maize Sourcing Strategy for African Milling Limited

In a bid to develop a robust maize sourcing strategy for African Milling Limited and Nyimba Investment, HYEL in Collaboration with Agova Zambia partnered with AATIF. The project aimed to analyze maize supply chains in Zambia, identify key constraints and opportunities, and develop a strategy that would ensure a stable and affordable supply of maize for the two companies.

The project involved data collection in four provinces in Zambia, namely Eastern, Copperbelt, Northwestern, and Central province. The data collection involved interviewing smallholder farmers, maize traders, transporters, and input suppliers to understand the maize supply chain and identify key constraints and opportunities.

The data collected was then analyzed to develop a comprehensive strategy that addressed the identified constraints and leveraged the opportunities. The strategy included improving smallholder farmer productivity through the provision of inputs and extension services, facilitating access to finance for maize traders and transporters, improving market information systems, and enhancing logistics and transport infrastructure.

The partnership between HYEL, Agova Zambia, and AATIF brought together expertise in agriculture, supply chain management, and finance, which enabled the development of a robust strategy that was tailored to the Zambian context. The strategy not only ensured a stable and affordable supply of maize for African Milling Limited and Nyimba Investment but also had a positive impact on smallholder farmers and other actors in the maize supply chain.

Project Gallery

Traditional Granary in Petauke District

Traditional Sheller in Kapiri Mposhi District

Focus Group Discussion with Small Holder Farmers in Serenje

Focus Group Discussion With District Agricultural Office In Kabompo District

Focus Group Discussion With Small Holder Farmers in Mkushi District

Traditional Maize Granary